My Books


Set in a northwest New Mexico coal-mining town in the 1970’s. Jamie, 28, is a disillusioned academic who leaves her teaching job to train as a coal miner at a time when the mining industry is opening up to women. In a world where opportunities for women are limited, high wages and the promise of adventure seduce her to conquer the new frontier of the coal mine, but not without sacrifices.

The narrative follows Jamie’s struggle to be accepted into the harsh world of mining, and a thrilling sexual relationship that ends in tragedy. Black Diamonds is a story of love, betrayal, determination, and ultimately optimistic survival. Though the book unveils a same-sex relationship, the story of love the two women share is universal and transcends all backgrounds.

blow-forwardBLOW FORWARD

Rife with tension, my novel places a relevant global drama on an intimate stage by pitting a suicide bomber against a woman who still needs to believe that love can solve all.

This is the story of Lizzie Englander, a truck driver tormented by the murder of her young daughter at the hands of gangsters. Her life takes another tragic event when a terrorist named Amid hell-bent on exacting revenge in America, kidnaps Lizzie to help in his murderous plot. However, Lizzie and Amid are drawn to each other by their mutual experience of dealing with catastrophe. Lizzie fights her growing attraction to Amid. Tension builds between them as he attempts to sway her to submit to the glory of Allah. Everything Lizzie has ever believed in is in opposition to Amid’s ideologies and his terrorist plans in America. She tries but fails to sway him. Lizzie is convinced that he might be persuaded to abandon his plot if given the understanding his grief deserves, a kind of suffering she knows only too well herself. Time is running out. Lizzie has to come up with a plan to stop the terrorist attack. But can she save the innocent victims and herself?

STOLEN TRUTH (A work in progress.)

What happens if you wake up one morning, discover that your four-week old baby and your boyfriend have disappeared? This is what happened to Bree. And to make things worse, all contents of the house were removed except for Bree’s belongings. It’s only after Todd and the Baby disappeared that Bree forces herself to look at what she had allowed to happen. She’d gone from an independent woman, making a decent living as a personal trainer, to a woman who is stuck in a house located in a remote area.

Todd goes out of the way to make Bree look as if she was delusional. Bree has nothing to prove to the police that she’s ever had a baby. Todd is an Islamist. His goal is to keep Bree from learning of the group’s aim. He is a member of an isolationist community who train children to become future leaders of the western world. Bree’s mission is to find her baby and expose the group to the authorities.